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Blow Up - Shintaro Kago

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these girls are killing me. lucius - 'go home'

feeling a lil spooky today.


I friend of mine shared this video a couple of days ago and I just have to post it here. Training footage has always been one of my favorite things to watch. This is from an open workout at Hermosa Beach Boxing for the 2011 MPL fights. All of these fighters are a pleasure to watch.


Beware: this is who comes into class (when he can) to teach Muay Thai

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Cine Negro

Promotional video


Dear Blackwolf w Black Manta ft. Nicole Bilyea

Produced By - Dear Blackwolf
Recorded at - Studio Days Records, Toronto On.
Engineered by - Joseph Perry
Mastered at Lacquer Channel by Gavin Gardiner

It was well worth the wait. Enjoy!


The second release from producer Grime Day featuring D. Misfit


Black Manta stopped by the studio and we decided to record a cover of Feist - The limit to your love.